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Picture Perfect Dogs. These are our pups.
Family photo in Poughkeepsie, New York

Hey there! We're Evan and Brittany, and we are the husband and wife owners (and operators) of Picture Perfect Photo Booths, based in Rhinebeck, NY.


We'd both been into photography for a while, but it wasn't until early 2018 that we began our journey to becoming entrepreneurs. We were in charge of hiring a local photo booth company for a family member's wedding. After searching high and low, we weren't impressed with the options and ended up going with someone from out of state. After the wedding we got to thinking. Photo booths are so much fun...if done right. So we decided that we could build a better booth. We got to work researching the market and put together what we think is the best photo booth in the Hudson Valley!

Coming from a bit of a photography background, we didn't want to simply provide a novelty or an add-on. We wanted to provide studio quality photos that look just as good on Instagram as they do printed out on your desk or fridge. Wedding photographers are incredible, talented people who provide invaluable and indelible memories from your special day. We simply provide an alternate, less candid perspective of that day and the people who are there to celebrate with you.

The best part, to us, about being in the "event industry," is that every single one of our customers is celebrating a meaningful life event. Weddings, birthdays, babies, and everything in between. We get to show up and be part of the fun. There's nothing better than seeing people return to our booth for the seventh or eighth time during the course of an evening.

Over the last few years we've met all kinds of people and made some fantastic friends in the process. As a couple and as a business, we celebrate the beauty of all people and look forward to working with you and your family.

Our other passion (as you might have guessed) is our dogs. We recently lost our girl, Cally, who was 11 years old. Right now we are the proud parents of another rescue, Brody, who completes our little (maybe not so little) family of six. It breaks our hearts to see the number of homeless and abused pets in our area and around the country. So since we can't adopt them all, we decided to donate $25 from every event to the Dutchess County SPCA.


Let us take your event to the next level! Please fill out our contact form, or call or text Brittany at 845-240-8974 so we can talk about photo booths...and probably dogs.

Picture Perfect Puppy. Our Hudson Valley rescue dog.
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