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  • Why should I hire a photo booth for my event?
    It's simple! We don't just take photos, we makes memories. Professional event photographs are incredible and invaluable, but we manage to capture another side of your event. ​ Photo booths are fun for all ages. Adults love the nostalgia of the printed photo strips, and kids will keep coming back again and again...and again. People love packing in and letting their guard down. It's a wonderful way to make sure everyone goes home with a great looking photo of themselves. Photo booths are a boredom buster. They encourage spontaneity and socialization. We provide your guests with an instant keepsake, branded with your name or logo. In our house, the refridgerator doubles as a time capsule, covered with photo strips from countless weddings, holidays, and vacations.
  • My wedding photographer or DJ offers a photo booth. Why should I book you?
    This is a great question, because a lot of vendors these days try to offer everything under one roof. Planning a wedding or large event is exhausting, so it's understandable why you'd want to deal with as few vendors as posisble. That said, we specialize in making events MEMORABLE and sending your guests home with a SMILE and a KEEPSAKE. It might save you a few minutes to let your DJ or photog set up a makeshift photo booth, but it'll be an afterthought while they're performing their primary duties. We, the owners, work your entire event, in person, to make sure everything goes perfectly. We won't be splitting our time or attention. Photo booths are all we do. We've also worked hard to make sure your booking experience with us is as short and painless as possible. You can do everything through email, or by phone. Whatever works for you and your schedule.
  • How much does a photo booth cost?
    You can check out our standard packages by selecting the "PACKAGES" link in the menu bar. There you will see that our offerings start at around $899 and range up from there. However, we know that no two events are the same, so we are happy to customize a package that fits your needs.
  • Is a deposit required? And what forms of payment do you accept?
    Yes. Once we go over the details of your event, to reserve your date you must include a $200 deposit along with your signed contract. We accept Venmo, cash, check, all major credit cards and PayPal. The remaining balance will be due upon arrival at the venue. We accept Venmo, cash and credit cards on the day of the event. If paying the balance by check, we prefer to receive that check at least 14 days prior to the event date.
  • How big is the booth? What do you need to set up?
    Our open air booth provides a lot of flexibility. It's basically comprised of our 7.5'x7.5' backdrop stand (and backdrop), our photo tower (camera, tablet, light), printer, and prop table. All in all, we like to have a space measuring approximately 10'x18' and at least 8' ceilings. However, our set-up is flexible. If you need us to cram into an 10'x10' space, we'll usually be able to figure out how. We also need access to a standard three-pronged electrical outlet. We come with extension cords, but it's always helpful if there's one nearby.
  • Can you set up on the 2nd floor? Outside?
    Definitely! We show up with everything in pieces and construct the booth, backdrop, etc. on-site, so as long as there is a normal sized doorway, elevator, or ramp, we can set up pretty much wherever you want. We are able to do events outside, but we'd need access to a power source and shelter. And we always reserve the right to pack up and move inside if we believe the weather poses a danger to us, your guests, or our equipment.
  • What should I expect the day of the event?
    We will arrive about 75 minutes prior to your event time to set-up. We will ask for a set-up location and instructions beforehand, and the name and number of a contact so you won't have to be accessible to us during that time. As long as we have the phone number of someone who can let us into the building, we're good. Additionally, if we're owed a balance, that must be paid in cash, by card, or Venmo before we open the booth for business. We will stay with our booth for the duration, to make sure everything runs smoothly. After the event we will break down our equipment and leave the space in proper condition.
  • How many photo strips are printed per session?
    One per guest. Why should anyone have to share?
  • Can I customize my photo strip design?
    Absolutely! We'll work with you to create a unique design. Also keep in mind that we are able to similarly customize the interactive touch screen in our booth.
  • How can I share and download photos after the event?
    After your event is over, we'll provide a link to an online gallery featuring every photo from your event. From there you can freely share and download.
  • What's included in the rental?
    Everything! Our packages are all inclusive. We don't think it's right to tease you with a lower price and then try to upsell you with all kinds of crap. We are happy to create a custom package that will fit your specific needs, but things like delivery, set-up, take down, editing and uploading your photos, etc are all included in the quote.
  • What kind of props do you bring?
    After discussing the details of your event, we will put together a unique combinations of props to fit your event's theme. We set ourselves apart from the competition by using many higher end props. Real hats. Real glasses. An assortment of PVC signs. Most other companies will happily provide an assortment of cheap stuff made to be destroyed. We are now also including personalized prop signs for every event.
  • Will there be a booth attendant during the event?
    Not just a booth attendant, an owner. One or both of us will be there for the long haul, helping your guests with whatever they need.
  • How far in advance should I book you?
    Ideally, 6+ months gives you the best shot at booking us on your desired date. But always feel free to inquire. If your event is quickly approaching and we happen to have an availability, we'd be happy to show up on short notice!!!
  • How far will you travel?
    We primarily serve the Mid-Hudson Valley, but we love a good road trip! Contact us with your information, and if we can find a way to get there safely, we will.
  • Are you insured?
    Yup. Fully insured. If you or your venue require a certificate of liability, that's something we'd be happy to supply.
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